What You Need to Know About Firmness

When it comes to the range of single beds available for sale, you might not even think twice about the mattress firmness and how it affects sleep comfort. Aspects like the width of the mattress and length may come to mind, but what about comfort?

Considering that your children also require comfortable sleep spaces to be fully rested and able to concentrate during the day, it makes sense to consider the importance of the right firmness for their mattresses.

Have a look at our range of single bed mattresses for sale to get an idea of what we offer. You will notice that each of the single mattresses for sale in our range comes with information about the size, the length, and the materials from which the mattress has been made.

As proud makers of quality beds in South Africa, we want you to buy products that are right for you. To this end, read on to learn more about firmness ratings.

What is Firmness?

Although firmness is subjective, specific aspects are taken into consideration when firmness levels are assigned.

Keep in mind that support differs from firmness. Support refers to how well the surface performs in supporting the alignment of your spine. Firmness, on the other hand, is about the softness or hardness of the mattress as related to comfort.

Understand Firmness Rating When Looking at Single Beds for Sale

You will come across descriptions like medium firm, plush, firm, and extra firm or ultra plush when you browse through collections of single beds. On a firmness scale, a mattress at level 1 is as soft as it gets, and few manufacturers make these. At level 10, the mattress has the ultimate firmness. Again, most manufacturers stay clear from crafting beds at either ends of the firmness scale. Here are more explanations:

2 and 3 – plush (and you can expect the mattress to hug around your body)

4, 5, and 6 – medium firmness that features a soft feel, but more firmness than a mattress rated at 3

7, 8, and 9 – firm

Plush and Medium Firmness

These are well-suited for people with a petite build, making these mattresses also great for young children. The comfort level can be described as opulent. The mattress is inviting, and movement transfer is minimised. However, if a heavier person sleeps on the bed, they will experience significant sinking and may find it difficult to change from one sleeping position to another. It is also suitable for older people who have little body fat and who want overall pressure point relief. These mattresses work best for people who sleep on their sides.

Medium-Firm Mattresses

These mattresses provide adequate support for any size physique. With just the right level of firmness, you can expect these mattresses to be comfortable with significantly less sag than the plush types. These are well-suited for any build. Whether your child enjoys sleeping on their side, stomach, or back, these mattresses form the golden middle ground.

Firm Mattresses

These do not have the softness and body-contouring characteristics of the plush mattresses but offer superb support and work well for heavier sleepers and people who prefer sleeping on their stomachs or backs.

Firmness is important, as the bed must be comfortable. If your child has to turn every few minutes because of discomfort or develops body aches as the result of an uncomfortable mattress, they will wake up tired. This can cause them to become irritable and unable to perform at their best.

Give your child the best mattress for their sleep preference, weight, length, and body support needs. Shop here to get quality single beds for sale at competitive prices. We can offer luxury mattresses for sale at competitive prices because we are the bed makers and sellers. If you prefer an in-store purchase, use our store locator to find one of our outlets near you.


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