Queen Mattress: Understand the Size Dimensions in South Africa

You’ve heard that the queen mattress is the most popular bed choice for couples, but you’re not sure about the size dimensions. You want to make sure the bed will fit in your room and will be right for your physical features.

To help you decide if the queen mattress is the right choice for your home, let’s start by having a look at bed dimensions in South Africa.

Single Bed Dimensions

With the single bed made for one person, it’s also the smallest in dimensions. The standard size in South Africa measures 92 cm by 188 cm, while the extra length measures 92 cm by 200 cm.

Three-Quarter Bed Dimensions

The three-quarter bed is slightly wider, making it suitable for a larger-built person or teenager, or to use for the guestroom where you can put two beds. It measures 107 cm by 188 cm, and the extra-length type measures 107 cm by 200 cm.

Double Bed Dimensions

Think of it as a three-quarter bed with extra space when you have to calculate if it offers sufficient sleeping space for your purpose. It’s slightly narrower than the Queen bed but offers enough movement space for two medium-frame adults. The bed measures 137 cm by 188 cm, or 137 cm by 200 cm for extra length.

Queen Bed Dimensions

When it comes to the “just right” factor, the queen mattress seems to have it all. It is 152 cm wide and 188 cm in length, or 152 cm by 200 cm in the extra-length option. This size bed fits well in the average size room, is great for guests as it can fit two adults of medium build, and it can even fit a little furry friend on the bed. The queen size offers 76 cm of space for each bed occupant, giving them sufficient space, but being just the right size for a snug sleep experience.

King Bed Dimensions

As the name suggests, this is the largest of the bed sizes. It’s almost double the size of the single bed, with a measurement of 183 cm by 188 cm, or 183 cm by 200 cm for extra length. Choose the king size if you have two large-frame adults who share the bed and sometimes have to make space for their pets or kids as well.

Tips on Making the Right Choice

Here are a few tips we recommend you follow:

  • Check the room dimensions before you buy a bed. You want enough space next to the bed to allow for a bedside table on both sides and walk space around the foot end.
  • Besides the dimensions, consider the weight that must be carried. You’ll notice that we list the weight-bearing capacity per side. Choose a queen mattress that can carry the weight and allow for a bit extra weight to ensure the bed you choose can provide the support needed for your physical frame requirements.
  • If your partner is 1,8 cm in length, consider buying the extra-length mattress rather than standard length as you have to keep some space around the head for airflow.
  • If you buy an extra-length bed, keep the door frame height in mind. If it is a king size bed of extra length, keep in mind that the door entrance must be high enough to allow for 183 cm height (bed size width) to fit through.

Final Thoughts on the Queen Mattress Size

It’s not the most popular size for couples for nothing. The size fits well in most double rooms while bedding is also more affordable than for king size beds. Best of all – you can purchase one from the comfort of your home or visit one of our showrooms near you and benefit from competitive prices. You can shop according to brand, mattress, or size, and even have same-day delivery if you choose one of our best sellers.

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