You have worked hard all year to have your holiday rest – Why spend it on a spent mattress?

When buying a leisure vehicle, the comfort of the mattress inside is often an afterthought.

Dynamic Custom allows you to maximise your rest and comfort in your Leisure Vehicle with a custom made mattress in any shape or size. Odd sizes are a specialty that Dynamic excels at – Odd sized mattresses, cut corners or tapering sides are easily over come to allow you to get the best night sleep on a mattress that suits you personally.

We can craft an innerspring mattress for your caravan with cut off corners, radius ends or zip on bolsters. We can even use a low profile spring where height is of concern – whatever you need to create a roomier interior without compromising your comfort. Enjoy a little touch of luxury with a plush pillow top for an extra good night’s sleep.

If you want a mattress shaped like a heart, then that’s what you’ll get! We make mattresses that meet your needs and wishes in your home away from home.

If you’re unhappy with your current bedding situation, drop in at any The Bed Shop store to discuss what we can do for you.


Custom made according to your Caravan / Tent / Rooftop Tent / Motorhome / Boat / Bakkie / Truck bed size and shape

Custom made to your preference of core:

  1. Foam Cores (Including Latex, Gel Memory Foam)
  2. Pocket Spring
  3. Bonnell Spring
  4. Any Combination of above

Custom made to your preference of material finish:

  1. Bamboo® – natural barrier against bacteria. Bamboo offers a higher moisture absorption than cotton, is amazingly strong, and the yarns weave or knit a very breathable textile.
  2. Adaptive® responds dynamically to temperature changes and keeps your sleep environment cool and dry, all night, and every night.
  3. Purotex® with natural probiotics is nature’s own technology for a clean, fresh and healthy sleep environment
  4. Tencel® – Revolutionary & eco-friendly The Tencel® fiber is made from wood pulp of the Eucalyptus trees, giving your sleeping surface excellent absorbing and evaporation properties.
  5. Silk Soft® – A hint of luxury. Silk has a smooth, soft texture and is one of the strongest natural fibers.
  6. Aloe Vera – Microfiber Technology which nourishes skin, highly absorbent, thick and crease-resistant, excellent antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties.

Manufacturing takes 5-8 working days after payment, and we deliver across SA.

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