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Tired of being tired all the time? Do you seek luxury bed sets to replace a mediocre or worn-out base and mattress in your home? We have just the solution for you. The Posture Pocket bed sets for sale at The Bed Shop are exactly what your family needs to get back on track with your sleep schedule. What’s more, we offer credit options to qualifying customers who wish to pay off their purchases instead of paying cash. You can simply fill out the application form online.

Three Quality Posture Pocket Sets for Sale

As manufacturers and suppliers who strive to meet every client’s expectations, we believe each household member deserves to get their eight hours of undisturbed sleep at night. Our products come in a variety of sizes to cater to all rooms, from children’s rooms to the master suite. All Posture Pocket bases and mattresses are available with added length as a selection choice.

Discover more features and benefits of choosing our products. Journey with us as we explore our Posture Pocket brand below.

Posture Pocket Superior – These sets for sale come with a gentle, firm, turn-free mattress and can carry a weight load of 100 kg. If you’re buying a double or bigger set, the weight load counts for both sides of the mattress. The filling of the Superior option includes Pocket Coil springs and high-density foam layers. These coils are made to provide absolutely no movement transfer and the design is completed with a knitted quilt. We also offer a 10-year warranty on the product, reassuring you that we stand behind the quality of the set.

Dual Comfort Base Sets for Sale – If you’re an indecisive individual who can never pick on which side of the bed to sleep, the Dual Comfort is for you. No matter from which side of the bed you get up, it will be the right one. It features two comfort levels: gentle firm and firm. You get to decide what level of support you require with a hassle-free flip of the mattress. It’s a simple and innovative solution that can come in handy for your spare room to cater to any visitor’s needs, especially because it features a high weight capacity of 110 kg per side. Additionally, this particular model is sold with a 3-year guarantee and 12-year warranty.

Premier Deluxe – It’s our most extravagant option in the Posture Pocket series that can support a weight load of up to 150 kg per side. The mattress on our Premier Deluxe version is turn-free, consisting of a memory foam layer along with the superior Pocket Coils and memory foam filling. It has a lavish thickness of 65 cm, making it a robust and extremely comfortable sleep surface. The luxurious finishing touches feature high-quality knitted fabric for ultimate relaxation.

Accessories for Sale to Complement the Comfort of the Mattress

Average cushions will be doing an injustice to your impressive new mattress. When shopping for base and mattress sets for sale, you might as well get a new pillow or two to go with it. You can view our selection of pillows here. Additionally, you might want to consider one of the mattress protectors we offer to minimise the risk of damaging your bed with coffee or other liquid spills. These protectors are waterproof, guarding your mattress from stains, all while still allowing ample air to flow through.

Don’t let your family suffer from uncomfortable, sleepless nights on second-rate furniture. We make luxury beds for less. By cutting out the middleman, we can offer you superior quality at affordable prices.

Look for bed sets for sale from a supplier who not only sells the product but knows it in and out. Place your order online and get the best beds delivered directly to your house.


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