Looking at Beds for Sale on Special but Cannot Decide? Let us Help You


If you still cannot make the final decision after having flipped through our extensive range of beds for sale, what is the best thing to do? If you are stuck with your narrowed-down choices, we can help. Here is a quick list of the questions to ask yourself to get to that final decision. Let us make it happen.

  1. What Can I Afford Right Now?

Glance at your bank account and consider must-pay expenses for this month. Visually inspect your base and mattress to determine if the entire set needs replacement, or only the base or the mattress? When did you buy the base? If it is still relatively new and looks the part, then you only need to shop for mattresses for sale. For this part, make your way to our range of mattresses on promotion, which takes you a step closer to a final decision.

  1. What is My Sleep Position?

Do you sleep mostly on your side, stomach, back, or a combination through the night? How did you sleep last night and did the mattress provide the necessary support for a comfortable sleep? If not, what bothered you? Did the mattress fold around the curves of your body, and was your spine aligned? Choosing the right sleep position for your particular physical attributes can help improve your sleep. Keep in mind, one of our consultants can help you choose the correct firmness for your mattress based on your answers.

  1. Which Features are Desirable?

A luxury finish adds to the opulence of the mattress. This is not an essential, but if that is a priority for you, then list it. View each of the mattress brands in our collection. The specifications indicate features like gentle firm feel, quality knit, and more. These features add to the luxury and support the mattress offers. One of our in-store consultants can help you distinguish between the features or you can chat to an expert using our convenient WhatsApp chat facility.

  1. Which Features are Essential?

Far too many people jump for joy when they see specials on beds for sale. They buy without thinking about the essentials:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Weight support

List your physical features of height and weight. You do not need to share the information, but knowing how tall you are will help you determine if the mattress length is correct. Compare the information with the dimensions of the beds for sale in your short list. You want a mattress slightly longer than your height, and it must be able to carry your weight. To be on the safe side, choose one with support for at least 10 kg more than your weight.

  1. Single or Double?

This one is easy – do you sleep alone or share your bed with your partner? If the latter, then a double, queen or king size will do. If alone, a single, ¾, or double will be perfect. If you share the sleep space, then the physical features of both you and your partner are essential.

Also measure your room. Is there enough space for a double, queen, or king without the bed taking up the walk space? See our guide on How to Choose the Best Mattress for Your Needs for more help.

  1. Final Question: Which Beds for Sale Are on Promotion?

You have narrowed it down. Now have a look at the beds on special promotion to get the best deals at the lowest prices. All our mattresses are luxurious, durable, and of superior quality. You save because we make and sell luxury beds for less. We offer several ways to pay, including instant EFT, Mobicred, and credit card payments. Get the bed of choice delivered to your doorstep with our fast delivery in major metropolitan areas.




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