Save Big on Luxury Queen Beds for Sale Without Sacrificing Quality


Paying less for a luxury queen bed for sale is possible when you buy directly from the manufacturer. Because we have taken the middleman out of the picture, we offer superior-quality base and mattress sets at affordable prices. If you are looking for a base and mattress set that is sturdy, luxurious, and will last for years, then we have the perfect options for you.

We have a wide range of sizes and designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect sleep surface to meet your needs. Made from premium-quality materials and engineered to perfection, each bed we offer for sale is an example of our commitment to help South Africans sleep better and enjoy more comfort for less.

Here is how you save big on the luxury and comfort when buying one of the beds we offer for sale, without compromising on quality:

  • Make use of the latest promotions – we add new promotions on a regular basis, helping you to save big.
  • Use one of the many payment options, some of which enable you to pay in weekly instalments or over an agreed period.
  • Place your order through our website where we offer specials for our online buyers only.
  • Buy one of the best-sellers and benefit from same day delivery, nationwide.

Quality matters and that is why our products carry superb warranties and guarantees, giving you the assurance that every product meets strict quality requirements.

When to Buy a Queen Size as Opposed to a King Size Bed

The queen size mattress is the most popular choice for couples and guest rooms because the mattress offers enough space for two people to ensure comfortable sleep. At the same time, it does not take up as much floor space as the king size mattress. You also save big on luxury bedding as king size bedding is more expensive. It is easier to fit the smaller base and mattress set in a small room and still be able to fit side tables, and perhaps a foot bench or chest in a smaller guest room, than a king size base set. If you sleep alone, a large king size mattress can be overwhelming.

Purchase the king size base set if you have an exceptionally spacious room and want to create a majestic sleep space feeling. Also opt for this size mattress if both are heavy sleepers or both like to sleep stretched out as if the entire bed space belongs to them.

When to Shop for a Queen Bed for Sale as Opposed to a Double Base and Mattress

The queen is slightly bigger than the double mattress, giving just that extra bit of space for combination sleepers who tend to change their sleep positions in the middle of the night. The double mattress is well-suited for a single person who wants more space than offered by a three-quarter size mattress or for a room that would look cluttered and too snug for comfort with a larger mattress. The double is also great for small physique sleepers, whereas the queen still works well if one of the sleepers is heavier built.

Make Use of Our Promotions to Save Big on Selected Queen Beds for Sale

Opulence and quality cost more, but you can save on the cost of enjoying luxury night after night by making use of our regular promotions. Have a look at the latest promotions on deluxe base and mattress sets for sale. With the same day delivery nationwide on best sellers, you can order and have a plush base and mattress delivered before bedtime.



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