Choosing the best mattress for sale for your sleeping and comfort requirements is a big decision. It’s also a hugely personal one. If you gathered a group of people together and asked them to try out different mattresses for sale, it’s likely that they would all have different opinions on which mattress best suited their needs. The type of mattress that you choose impacts your life profoundly, since sleep is so imperative to overall health and well-being. While some people like gentle or soft varieties, others prefer firm models that offer comprehensive support to the spine and back.


The Benefits of Finding the Right Mattress for Sale

When you choose one of our premium models, you will enjoy several health advantages, including:

  1. Better Sleep and Overall Health: A good mattress for sale will guarantee customers better quality sleep. Great mattresses support sleep quality, offering users adequate and uninterrupted sleep. Sleep is paramount to recovery and health. When we are sleeping, our pituitary gland releases a special growth hormone that helps us to recover and repair. The more we sleep, the more time our bodies have to heal.


  1. Promotes Better Posture: A premium mattress for sale will enhance your posture. Memory foam mattresses and those with mid-range firmness can support the lower back and spine, ensuring better body alignment and form. Different sleeping styles put pressure on various joints, meaning that sleepers need mattresses that promote better form and posture.


  1. Improves Mental Health: Quality sleep is also intrinsically linked to mental health and well-being. Getting enough shuteye has many benefits for the mind, including reduced anxiety and stress, more energy, and sharpness throughout the day, enhancing mindfulness and calmness, and enhancing our mood.


  1. Enhances Life Expectancy: Quality sleep has even been linked to enhanced life expectancy. In fact, numerous studies have highlighted the link between quality sleep and a longer lifespan. One study, in particular, by Dr Ann E. Rogers, found a link between sleep and mortality, finding that “data from three separate studies suggests that sleeping five or fewer hours per night may increase mortality risk by as much as 15 percent.” Insufficient sleep is also linked to many health concerns, including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and decreased immunity.


Try Out Our “Find Your Bed” Tool for Healthier and Happier Sleep

We’ve covered why mattresses are so crucial for health and well-being, but now it’s actually time to find one. If the thought of choosing a new mattress for sale feels overwhelming, we have you covered. Our “Find Your Bed” tool offers a quick and easy way to determine which type of mattress will best suit your preferences and sleeping style. Simply answer a series of questions about weight capacity, firmness preferences, mattress size, and sleep style, and we will send a list of mattress for sale models that suit your needs.

You no longer have to search through hundreds of mattresses for sale options, unsure which model will give you the best night of shuteye.

Check out the “Find Your Bed” tool or find your nearest store with our store locator, so you can try our mattress for yourself. We stock a wide selection of mattresses from the following ranges:

  • ComfoSleep
  • Orthopaedic
  • Posture Pocket
  • Therapaedic
  • Hybrid

We also sell an impressive selection of bed base sets and bed accessories, including pillows, pillow protectors, and mattress protectors. Whether you want to revamp your entire bedroom or simply purchase a new mattress for sale, The Bed Shop is the place to be.


Chat with Our Bed Experts

If you are ready to truly invest in your health and wellness, chat with the bed experts at The Bed Shop. With over 26 years in the bed world, we always have your back!




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