Thinking of opening your own B&B, guesthouse, backpacker or hotel?


Sleeping comfort is a priority. To this end, you’ll need to look for a superior double bed for sale for each room.

Your guests will expect to sleep in luxury and that’s what you want to give them. Not just any brand of double, queen or king-sized mattresses will do. It is crucial to purchase durable bases and mattresses. With lodges, hotels and other places of overnight stays, the furniture must withstand multiple uses.

Skimp on quality and you’ll end up having to replace mattresses too often, eating away at your profits. Choose a base set from names like Dynamic® Therapaedic or Dynamic® Hybrid to satisfy the demanding needs of your upmarket patrons.

Significance of guarantees and warranties for holiday accommodation

For most hoteliers, lodge owners and innkeepers, it’s a definite must to have some sort of assurance that the furniture can last. You don’t want to have your new double beds give in after only a couple of months, especially when you have top-class businesspeople who stay at your establishment.

When you shop around for units check for products where the manufacturer or supplier is willing to stand behind their items. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of your supplier carefully.

As with the two mentioned brands we have for sale, we offer a two-year guarantee, as well as a ten-year warranty on selected beds and mattresses we offer for sale.

Are there specifications available for the double beds for sale?

Study the specifications. Some base sets can carry a heavier load than others. It’s crucial to be aware of the maximum weight that the mattresses can handle. You don’t know how bulky or small your patrons will be before meeting them; thus, you want to look for a double bed for sale that is on the sturdier side.

You can’t exactly advertise that you only take lightweight persons. And having a base set buckle underneath a customer would surely result in terrible reviews. The more research and knowledge you have of the products before buying, the better. If the supplier doesn’t provide enough information on their website, ask for help. The same holds true for in-store purchases. Knowledgeable customer service personnel can provide detailed information about every product in-store.

Offer your guests mattresses to fit their sleep requirements

Go with variety in the mattress makes from the same supplier of the brand. For instance, choose ComfoSleep, Posture Pocket and Therapaedic from the Dynamic® brand. With several types, you can accommodate the specific requirements of each individual. Someone might prefer a firmer mattress whilst another may want medium support.

Also look into extra length units for the taller visitors. Just having the option can set your accommodation establishment apart from nearby competitors. You can even advertise it as a unique selling point.

Speak to an expert about the double beds for sale

We are the largest independent franchise mattress and base retail group in the country. This national footprint makes it possible to serve your furniture needs in just about every province.

With a history of providing comfortable sleeping solutions to the public for more than twenty years, you know you can rely on us to deliver quality goods for all your accommodation needs.

If you are uncertain about which double bed, we offer for sale is right for you, ask for advice from people who work with these products for a living. You can shoot us an email and enquire about any of our brands online. Our teams are well-trained and eager to assist.




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