You should consider a few important factors before you shop for a double bed for sale to meet your guest sleeping needs. We understand that with a wide selection of mattresses available, it can be a daunting task to find the right one. That’s why we categorise the options to enable a search according to mattress size or brand.


As far as brand is concerned, you have the assurance of affordability and quality when you buy from The Bed Shop. The reason is because we manufacture the base and mattress sets in our collection. This means we manufacture every brand at our stores and available online. Therefore, you can trust our consultants to give you objective guidance regarding the mattress or base set choice. To help you get started, we look at the factors to consider when shopping for a double bed for sale to meet your guest sleeping requirements.


Standard or Extra Length Double Bed for Sale?


If you don’t want guests to enjoy their stay, give them an uncomfortable sleep surface. But if you want to make it a superb experience for them, you’ll want to make sure the sleep surface also meets their length requirements. Since you cannot measure each guest, you’ll want to make sure the double bed you choose from our for-sale collection offers enough vertical space. To this end, shop for an extra-length mattress.


The standard length is 188 cm and the extra length measures 200 cm. To make sure you cater for all guests, opt for the extra length double bed for sale.


Which Comfort Level?


You have the options of firm, gentle firm, and plush. Firm is great for heavier-built guests, with gentle firm catering to the sleep needs of the widest range of sleepers. Plush gives an extra layer of comfort and is softer. It’s best to cater for the largest groups of guests with a gentle firm mattress.


Potential Risk of Allergies


To make it homely for all guests, you can also cater for the one or two who might suffer from asthma and allergies. To this end, choose a double bed for sale with memory foam layers or where the mattress features the Pyrotex® technology. This technology helps to create a hypoallergenic sleep environment. It’s a good choice if you live in an area with plenty of pollen.




The brand doesn’t matter all that much, but rather whether it is, for instance, an elemental, premium, or deluxe when it comes to price. Choose one that fits your budget. However, if you shop according to our promotions, you’ll be able to save, enabling you to buy a luxury mattress for less. We also offer the best price guarantee, ensuring that our prices are affordable. If you can get the same quality and type of luxury double bed for sale elsewhere at a lower price, we’ll beat the price and give you further discount.

Extra Layer of Protection


Although the guestroom is not constantly in use, you’ll want the furniture to last for a few years. To this end, buy a mattress and pillow protectors and receive an extended warranty on the product. This will also help to keep the mattress free from bacteria, dust, and mites for a cleaner and more hygienic sleep environment.


Weight Requirements


If most of your guests have small physical frames, it won’t be a problem. However, even for the occasional heavy sleeper, you’ll need a mattress that can support the weight. Opt for one with substantial weight capacity. The Orthopaedic Elemental can carry 90 kg on each side and has a firm feel, suitable for heavier sleepers. If you want more weight-carrying capacity, consider the Orthopaedic Deluxe Pillow Top Mattress with its gentle firm feel and capacity for 120 kg per side.


Now that you know the basics, browse our brands for a double bed for sale to fit your guestroom. You pay less for luxury because we took out the middleman.