Consider What Goes into Our Luxury Products

Before you buy mattresses, do some research to find out what goes into the particular products. Also consider the design, guarantee, and pricing. If you purchase imported products, you do not necessarily know what goes into the products, and the retailer might also not be able to help you because they are just the middleman.

What is the Solution?

We know what goes into our products because we make the beds, and we sell them directly to you. This means that when you ask us about the mattress make-up, the guarantee, price, and durability, you can rest assured we have the answers.

If you are in a hurry to buy beds online for delivery to your door, start shopping online now. You can shop according to bed brand and whether you want a base and mattress set or a mattress only. Refine your search further by choosing the size, such as single, three-quarter, double, queen, or king. We offer standard and extra lengths to fit your particular requirements.

Let us dive right in, giving you a glimpse of what goes into our products before you buy the bed set of choice.

Therapaedic Superior

Available in the size of choice and in standard or extra-length, this is one of the top-of-the-range luxury mattresses on the market. Of course, we offer it at the best possible price and can guarantee it. This product offers the ultimate sleep space with a firm feel and optimal body support because of the five layers of foam for minimum movement transfer. It also boasts a luxury knitted fabric finish treated with Purotex® technology, giving it probiotic characteristics to repel bacteria and allergy-causing debris, mould, and mite. With no accumulation of bacterial agents in your sleep space, you have a cleaner, healthier, and safer rest area. This is a multi-turn mattress with support for up to 130 kg weight on either side.

When you buy a Therapaedic Superior mattress, you get a product made with thick rebond foam and Purotex® knitted fabric finish that comes with a 3-year guarantee and 20-year warranty.

Hybrid Premium

Like the Therapaedic Superior, the Hybrid Premium is one of high-end luxury sleeping surfaces. It provides for a dynamic sleep experience because of the mini pocket coil inner spring system combined with an encasement of multiple layers of foam. This provides for the gentle firm feel with minimal movement transfer. The knitted fabric finish has been designed to be plush and breathable, making this a luxurious sleep surface. The mattress is turn-free and able to handle a load of up to 140 kg on each side.

Posture Pocket Supreme

If you want to buy a sleep surface that offers a gentle plush feel with superior support to ensure peaceful and pain-free sleep, get the Posture Pocket Supreme. It features a layered design of memory foam that hugs the contours of your body and gives pressure-point relief. The design allows for no movement transfer, making it the perfect surface for couples. With the distributed body support, it is also perfectly suited for someone who needs a lot of bed rest. The luxury knitted material gives the complete finish to an already superb product. With weight-bearing capacity of up to 150 kg on each side, the queen-size turn-free mattress is well-suited for heavier-built couples as well.

When and Where to buy Mattresses of This Quality

These beds are only three examples of what you can expect inside our products. View our full range and promotions through our catalogue. Apart from our online shop, you can get these luxury and durable beds at any of our outlets, which you can find using the store locator. The best time to buy is when the mattresses are on promotion, ensuring that you pay less for the same quality. Of course, you can also own the bed of choice now and pay later with the Mobicred system or purchase it via lay-by.

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