3 Things to Consider When Searching for Bed Specials 

So, you’re on the hunt for a new bed and frantically scouring the magical universe that is Google for nearby bed specials. You’re inundated with information, promotional deals, sale advertisements and specials galore. Suddenly, you’re looking at a premium model advertised exclusively for princesses, and you’re down a rabbit hole of high-end beds, each of which sports a hefty price tag. After browsing these gorgeous – yet hugely unattainable models – you realise that you need to find a local store that has an abundance of more viable products. Welcome to The Bed Shop because your search is over.

At The Bed Shop, we truly believe in the mantra “local is lekker”. No longer will premium beds and mattresses have to cost you a kidney. When you work with us, we amalgamate excellent quality with a wallet-friendly price tag. Since we make things here in South Africa, we cut out middle companies and the need for pricey (and lengthy) overseas deliveries. We also have some incredible promotions on offer, making your search for the perfect bed an even more manageable feat.

So, what should you consider when looking at bed specials? Well, we’ve got a checklist for you!

3 Must-Check Tips Before Choosing the Right Bed Specials 

Before you look for specials, have a look at these tips:

  1. Check the Time of Year 

Finding the best bed specials is all about timing. When looking for sales and promotions, you need to make the most of popular promotional events and holidays. Here at The Bed Shop, we’re well known for treating our clients to exciting spoils over special occasions. Look out for bed specials over Black Friday and in the new year. However, we also believe in spoiling our customers all year long, and this is why we have an entire section of the site dedicated to promotions. Here, you’ll find exciting deals.

Our promotions are constantly changing, so always keep your eyes on these exciting bed specials!

  1. Check the size 

This might seem obvious, but the first thing you need to consider when finding the best bed for sale or bed base set is the size you’re after. Many of us stick to the size of bed we’re used to because we already have the bedding for it. However, promotional specials might give you the flexibility to upgrade your bed size if the space at home allows it. The savings you’ll enjoy could go towards new bedding. Before searching for the best bed, take stock of what size bed will work best for your lifestyle and space and search bed specials accordingly.

  1. Check the Company’s Reputation 

We can’t stress enough the importance of shopping with a reputable bed store. Sometimes, the World Wide Web unveils promotional specials that seem too good to be true. Unless you’re sure the company is a trustworthy one – and not some fly-by-night chancer – there is a chance they really are. We’ve been selling beds since 1994, keeping Mzansi blissfully engaged in peaceful sleep for 28 years (and counting!)

Explore Our Dynamic Range and Bed Specials at The Bed Shop 

If you’re ready to elevate your sleep and indulge in quality bed and bed accessories, it’s certainly worth exploring our numerous options at The Bed Shop. Chat with us, and we’ll gladly help you out! We’re always on hand to help and even have a handy “Find Your Bed” tool to make the task even easier.

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