The three-quarter mattress offers just that bit of extra space to cater for the combination sleeper who changes sleep positions at night. It’s also a superb choice for the guestroom where you want two spacious mattresses. Whether for a child, single adult, or for a couple requiring separate sleep spaces, we can recommend all our three-quarter bed sets for sale. The reason? We manufacture each of the brands. This means we know that everything from the lowest priced to the high-end sets are durable, comfortable, and luxurious.

Interested? Let’s introduce you to some of the three-quarter options. These all have a width of 107 cm and length of 188 cm. The extra-length option is available on selected ones to give you a set that offers 200 cm vertical space. If you want to shop by size right away, simply select the size of choice and click to find your ideal sleep surface.

Therapaedic Gel Memory Foam Bed Sets or Sale

With the memory foam gel support, you can expect a sleep surface that contours to your body, giving it the therapeutic support it needs for a restful sleep. The base comes with feet to provide space between the floor surface and the base. The Therapaedic memory gel foam mattress provides optimal gentle, firm support for up to 120 kg. It comes with a 2-year guarantee and 10-year warranty.

Therapaedic Essential

The Therapaedic Essential mattress provides a soothing sleep surface. It has a triple-layered foam core and has a firm feel. You can expect full-body support as well as minimal movement transfer. It has a luxury knitted quilt finish, making it plush and breathable. The mattress can support up to 120kg.

Orthopaedic Premium Deluxe Memory Foam Bed Sets for Sale

Looking for the ultimate in luxury? Then consider the Orthopaedic Premier Deluxe Memory Foam. It offers a gentle, firm feel and boasts a Bonnell Coil inner spring system combined with a memory foam layers. The spring system provides optimal support, while the memory foam provides for personalised body contouring support. The mattress has a luxury knitted quilt finish. This is a superb choice for children, teens, and adults and it has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 100 kg. We offer a 2-year guarantee and 10-year warranty, testimony to its durability.

Orthopaedic Premium Bed Sets for Sale

With its layered top design, the Orthopaedic Premium offers a firm feel to give you a comfortable and supportive sleep environment. The Bonnell Coil inner spring system combined with the layered top design is what makes this such an excellent choice. The turn-free mattress and base set is made to support up to 100 kg per side. We offer a 2-year guarantee and 10-year warranty on this luxury three-quarter set.

More Ways to Find Your Ideal Sleep Surface

These are only three of the many three-quarter bed sets for sale. You can find luxury base and mattress sets to match your lifestyle, comfort, and support needs by using the shop-by-size option. If you want to buy according to brand, select the brand option while we also enable you to shop by price. With ongoing promotions, you can save even more on luxury bed sets for sale.

Whether you prefer to shop for your bed in-store or whether you want to place your order online, also consider our best sellers that we offer our customers. If you buy one of the bed sets for sale in the best-sellers category, you have the convenience of same-day delivery anywhere in South Africa. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a new set delivered to your door. Shop now.

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