Various elements make up the perfect bed. It all starts with the bed base and includes essential features like the mattress, mattress protector, pillows, linen, and a cosy duvet. Many people will add a headboard for extra comfort and style, and even some continental pillows and throws to enhance the ambience and vibe. While the décor and colours you choose are imperative to make the room feel like your own, it really does all start with the bed base. After all, you don’t really have a bed without the base. Much like our mattresses, these items come in various styles and designs.

We understand that with so many options around, finding the best base for your needs can feel pretty daunting. Here we explore why they are so important and the different types of models available so that you can make the best purchasing decision for your needs.

Why You Need One

A bed base isn’t a nice-to-have item; it’s a critical component of a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep. They have several advantages:

The support of the mattress: One of the number-one benefits of bases is the fact that they support and protect the mattress. When mattresses are not sufficiently supported, they will become saggy over time, which will directly impact the sleeper. A saggy mattress can significantly hinder sleep, resulting in joint stiffness, back pain, headaches, and interrupted sleep. Moreover, when your mattress isn’t adequately supported, its lifespan is reduced, thus costing you more.

They enhance airflow: Another key perk is airflow. A mattress without a base will lie directly on the floor, preventing any airflow. This becomes the perfect breeding ground for mould and even insects. This diminishes the freshness levels and hygiene of the mattress and your room and will shorten the mattress’s lifespan. If mould issues arise, this could also lead to health risks for the sleeper.

They prevent dust build-up: The closer that we are to the floor, the more likely we are to breathe in dust since it usually gathers here. Sleeping close to the floor means that the sleeper will inhale large quantities of dust. This can lead to allergy attacks, hay fever, sinus problems, and even asthma. Happily, an elevated mattress that has a base will be much easier to clean and prevent dust build-up beneath the bed.

Types of Bed Bases

Now that you understand why they are so essential, let’s think about the type of models you might choose. Much like our mattress models, the world of bed bases is vast. Here we explore three popular designs.

The ensemble: The classic platform-style base is a tried-and-tested favourite. It is usually made with a solid structure and covered in a fabric of your choosing. These bases offer ultimate mattress support and are more stable than other varieties. All our mattresses can be purchased individually or with the ensemble to ensure maximum mattress protection and support and, in consequence, a better night’s sleep.

The storage bed: These bases are fantastic if you want extra storage. They are designed much like a box, allowing you to utilise empty space and use them to hold a range of goods. These two-in-one models offer fantastic space savings and are ideal for apartment living. Some are simple platform models, and others include draws, baskets, or even bookshelves. The world of the storage bed is undoubtedly diverse.

Slat design: These cheap and cheerful designs are pretty entry-level in the bed base world. They are lightweight, usually made from wood, and offer users ample space beneath the bed. While they might not always provide the best support for the mattress, they will ensure good airflow, thus keeping things fresh.

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